VA Grave Markers

Post 41 Legionnaires and family members of veteran Ralph Wilson.

Since the late-1940s, Post 41 has been installing VA-provided markers on the graves of veterans buried in local cemeteries.  Almost all of the cemeteries in Clarke County waive the normal permit fees for the installation of the grave markers.  This is a way of paying our last respects to veterans and it also saves the families several hundred dollars.  Over the past sixty years, members of Post 41 have installed about 1,500 grave markers.

Legionnaire Bob Jackson is the chairman of the Memorial Committee responsible for installing the markers.  He contacts the veteran’s family and invites them to participate in the installation process.  He will also work with families to obtain a free VA-provided grave marker for a relative.  To learn more about this VA program, click here.

On April 17th, members of Post 41 installed a bronze VA-grave marker on the grave of Ralph Leon Wilson, an Army veteran of the Vietnam War buried in Prosperity Cemetery near Summit Point, WV.  Family members were present for the installation.

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