100% Membership

Post 41 has achieved its membership goal assigned by National Headquarters and the Department of Virginia. We just mailed in a membership application for our 14th new member to meet our goal for the year of 172 members. We are the first Post in our district to achieve its goal.

Eleven years ago, Post 41 had 60 members.  During the ensuing years, thirty-four of those members transferred to Post Everlasting.  In spite of our deceased members, we have achieved an all time high in membership each of the past eleven years—a rare feat in the Legion.  We now have 172 paid members—a 187% increase in ten years.

During the past year, almost 80 percent of our members participated in at least one Post activity or meeting.  Over one-third of our members attended each of our monthly Legion meetings.  When you consider that about fifteen percent of our members do not live in the immediate area, this is a strong indication of the involvement of our members with the Post. Congratulations to the best Post in The American Legion!

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