Grave Marker Bases

Legionnaires making concrete bases for VA-provided veterans’ grave markers.

On Thursday morning, August 2nd, several members of Post 41 met at the home of Vice Commander Larry Hardesty’s son for a concrete detail.  The purpose of the detail was to make concrete bases for the bronze grave markers provided by the Veterans Administration and installed by Post 41 on the graves of local veterans.  We also helped pour new steps to the basement of the home.

Legionnaires John Harris, Larry Hardesty, Terry Hayton, George Maxwell, Bill Overbey, and Bob Ferrebee reported for duty.  Larry Hardesty provided the technical skills, Terry Hayton did most of the heavy lifting, and the others performed the required supervision and light work.  Even though it was a very hot and humid day, John Harris decided to provide the detail with hot coffee instead of cold beverages.

The detail made four concrete bases.  They used the forms that were made over twenty years ago by Legionnaires Bill Willingham and Dave Bowerman.  Each base is 18” by 30” and three inches thick with holes for bolts to attach the bronze grave marker to the base.  These four additional bases should insure that we have sufficient inventory to get us through the next 4-6 months.

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