Bronze Medallion Grave Markers

The Department of Veterans Affairs is offering bronze medallions to attach to existing privately purchased headstones or markers that signify veteran status of the deceased.  The new marker can be furnished at no cost instead of a traditional government headstone or marker for graves in private cemeteries already marked with a privately purchased headstone.  Under federal law, an eligible veteran buried in a private cemetery is entitled to either a government-furnished grave marker or the new medallion, but not both.

Each bronze medallion features the image of a folded burial flag adorned with laurels and inscribed with the word “Veteran” at the top and branch of service at the bottom.  The medallion is available in three sizes: 5 inches, 3 inches, and 1.5 inches in width.  The medallion is ship with a kit that will allow the family to affix the medallion to a headstone, grave marker, mausoleum or columbarium-niche cover.

If you would like to order a VA provided medallion or a grave marker for the grave of a veteran, you will need the veterans DD-214 or discharge form.  Please contact Bob Jackson (955-2353) or Bob Ferrebee (955-4628).

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