Military Grave Markers

With the nice spring weather, members of Post 41 were finally able to install military markers on the graves of two local veterans who died recently.  Flat bronze markers were installed on the graves of Michael Allen Morgan, a U.S. Army veteran of the Gulf War, who is buried at the Bell Family Cemetery in Pine Grove; and Edgar Charles Coumes, Sr., a U.S. Navy veteran of the Vietnam War, who is buried at Green Hill Cemetery in Berryville. Members of both families attended the grave marking ceremonies.

For almost seventy years, Lloyd Williams Post 41 has been installing grave markers provided by the Veterans Administration on the graves of veterans buried in local cemeteries. The Post installs the markers for free. This is a small way for the members of Post 41 to pay their final respects to a deceased veteran. It is believed that Post 41 is the only veterans’ organization that currently provides this free service.

Post 41 is committed to assisting families of veterans to obtain government-provided military markers and to install these markers at no charge to the families. Every veteran deserves a marked grave.

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