Decoration of Veterans’ Graves

Legionnaires George Thompson and Dev Morrison placing a flag on the grave of a veteran buried in Green Hill Cemetery.

On Saturday, May 26th, U.S. flags were placed on the graves of veterans buried in local cemeteries for Memorial Day.  The flags were provided by American Legion Post 41 and VFW Post 9760.  Over 1,500 veterans’ graves were honored with flags.

About eighty volunteers assisted in placing the flags on the graves of over 950 veterans buried in Green Hill Cemetery.  These included members of American Legion Post 41 and VFW Post 9760, Boy Scouts, church youth groups, and local families.  The flags will be removed on July 5th.

Boys Scout Troop 34 handled two large sections of the cemetery.  They not only placed the flags on the graves but also cleaned the veterans’ tombstones.

This was a good civics lesson for all participants—young and old.  While Memorial Day is officially a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service, it is also the day we honor all deceased veterans who served our country.  A special thank you is extended to everyone who assisted.

Boy Scout Troop 34 placing flags and cleaning tombstones.

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