Boys State

American Legion Boys State is among the most respected and selective educational programs of government instruction for U.S. high school students. It is a week-long summer participatory program in which students become part of the operation of local, county, and state government.

At Boys State, participants learn the rights, privileges and responsibilities of franchised citizens. The training is objective and centers on the structure of city, county, and state governments. Operated by students elected to various offices, Boys State activities include legislative sessions, court proceedings, law-enforcement presentations, assemblies, bands, choruses, and recreational programs.

Since 1939, American Legion Post 41 has sent at least one local high school student to Virginia American Legion Boys State. Boys State did not operate during the war years 1942-1945. Our delegates are selected by Post 41based on leadership, character, scholarship, and service to their school and community. All expenses are paid by Post 41.

For more information on Virginia American Legion Boys State click here.

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