Honor Guard

The Clarke County Honor Guard has been providing military funerals to honor local men and women who have faithfully served our country. In addition to providing funeral services, the Honor Guard participates in Memorial Day Services, Veterans Day celebrations, Flag Day programs, parades and other community activities.

In April of 1925, Robert W. Fuller, a World War I veteran and charter member of American Legion Post 41, died unexpectedly of appendicitis. Mr. Fuller had been severely wounded during the war, and the Legion decided that he deserved a full military funeral. Since military funerals at that time were reserved for active duty personnel, Post 41 decided to form its own Honor Guard to conduct the funeral.

Robert Fuller’s funeral marked the beginning of the Clarke County Honor Guard. Post 41 continued to provide the Honor Guard for local veterans’ funerals in this manner until February of 1949. At that time, Post 41 agreed to form a joint Clarke County Honor Guard with the local VFW Post 9760. Since then, the two posts have continued this shared responsibility.

Over its eight decade history, the Clarke County Honor Guard has provided military funerals for over a thousand local veterans. It coordinates with the local funeral homes to provide the type of services the family wishes. This may include a full military salute-rifle salute, taps, and flag presentation-or an abbreviated service based on the family’s wishes and other conditions. These services are provided either at the funeral home or the gravesite.

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