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What comes to mind when you think of an American Legion Post? Many of us imagine an old-fashioned basement bar, smelling of cigarettes, and filled with aging men. However, this stereotype does not entirely apply to Lloyd Williams Post 41. While we do meet in a basement room and our membership is predominately aging men, we do not operate a bar or smoke in our meeting room. In contrast to many American Legion posts, we are an active and growing organization.

Lloyd Williams Post 41 was chartered by The American Legion on September 23, 1919. Five of our members were walking the planet at that time. The age of our members range from 24 to 97 years old. The average age is 69.5 years old.

Most of our members did not join the Legion at a young age. They have been members on average for a little over fourteen years, which means that most joined in the fifties. Eighteen members have at least forty years of consecutive membership in the Legion. Female veterans only make up about five percent of our membership.

Twelve years ago, we had 60 members. During the ensuing years, thirty-five of those members transferred to Post Everlasting. In spite of our deceased members, we have achieved an all time high in membership each of the past twelve years—a rare feat in the Legion. We now have over 180 paid members—a 200% increase in twelve years.

During the past year, we had over 80 percent of our members participate in at least one Post activity or meeting. About 35 percent of our membership attends each of our monthly Legion meetings. When you consider that about fifteen percent of our members do not live in the immediate area, this is a strong indication of the involvement of our members with the Post.

Our current membership is probably similar to that of other Posts. Our members are predominantly senior men with most of the leadership positions filled by Vietnam era veterans. Over the ten decade history of our Post, the World War I veterans built and led the Post during the early years; the World War II and Korean War veterans assumed Post leadership positions for the next thirty to forty years; and then the Vietnam War veterans stepped up. Recently, many leadership positions have been assumed by our post-Vietnam veterans.

To download an Adobe PDF file of the current membership roster, click on the link below.

Membership Roster

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